List of MMA memes


Meme about Yoshihiro Akiyama invented on the Sherdog forums by user I Am Korean and made popular by the thread Sexyama Battlestation SEXWAGON!!! on the Wasteland sub-forum. Soon Sexyama mentions and pictures would start to spread to all Sherdog forums, then to other MMA forums until being ‘officialized’ during broacast by Joe Rogan and Bruce Buffer and spreading to the whole internet including 4chan.

Rickson by Armbar

MMA equivalent of Cool Story Bro. Automatic answer to sherdog-style questions such as Fedor vs. Bruce Lee who takes it? It refers to Rickson Gracie’s immaculate fighting record and his hability to end any fight by an armbar.

Pics or Work

MMA equivalent of Pics or it didn’t happen


Etymology: started off as homoshop a word-play between homo and photoshop but adopted Brazilian spelling, a reference to the Gracie whose name all start with an R pronounced like an H : Rickson Gracie, Royce Gracie, Renzo Gracie.


A BJ Penn nuthugger.


Scandal involving fighter greasing ie applying vaseline on their bodies before a fight to slip out submissions. Fighters involved in greasegates: Georges Saint-Pierre, Yoshihiro Akiyama, Anderson Silva


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