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Joseph Rogan (born August 11, 1967, I copied it on Wikipedia) AKA Joe Rogaine, is an American comedian, TV and podcast host, guru cult leader and shaman wannabe, conspiracionist, martial-artist and Internet addict with a humongous ego.

A man with a mission

“Educate and inspire the young” (The Joe Rogan Experience podcast #65) and “create a new reality”.

Drugs that he takes (sometimes all at the same time)

Ibogain, DMT, multivitamins, psylocybin mushrooms, weed, Alpha Brain, HGH, TRT and a  shitload of Bulletprood Coffee.

Joe Rogan the cult leader

Self-defined as a Mayhem Monkey (follower of the cult of Jason “Mayhem” Miller) Joe is himself gathering a cult-like following using the Internet. The conversion occurs when one listens to his DMT videos on youtube or listens to the podcast.


The anti-Rogan movement has a forum on reddit.


The Joe Rogan Podcast

Started in December 2009

Recurring themes

Life of a comedian, cannabis, psychedelics, DMT, future of mankind, aliens, lost civilisations, use of the words “nigger” and “fag” in comedy, the muse, isolation tanks, evolution and evolutionary psychology, monkey DNA, pseudo science, technology as a lifeform, martial-arts, BJJ and MMA, hunting, fad diets, conspiracy theories.



Members of the Rogan Posse

Recurring guests: BS-artist Joey Diaz, BJJ grand master Eddie Bravo, comedian and philosopher Duncan Trussell, nerd Redban ex-producer of his podcast.

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