Chael Sonnen wiki

Chael Sonnen is a the best MMA fighter ever .


Chael, the real estate agent:

Quotes and aphorisms

2011/07/07 “Fedor Emilianenko sucks” AOL/ interview ‘Chael Sonnen Backstage”

“Wanderlei, you are an immigrant from Brazil and I am a gangster from America, are you sure you wanna play that game with me?”

2011/08/21 “Please, FB nerds, no group has the strength to lynch me. I’m a Republican; we run on neither blood nor oxygen.” Twitter

2013/03/21 About the Single-leg: “‘Look again, does he have my leg, or do I have both of his hands?” (mmafighting)



Chael Sonnen the pimp

Chael Sonnen 2012 girlfriend:

Chael Sonnen's girlfriend - pimp mode
Haters gonna hate.

Chael Sonnen’s Gangsta Rap remix:

More Chael Sonnen pictures:

  • chael-sonnen-for-state-representative
  • chael-sonnen-yearbook
  • chael-sonnen-girlfriend
  • chael-sonnen-suit

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